Permalink Listen - it took, me jokingly reading it off of @betoughdontcuff FB post to appreciate and understand this song and how I can relate it to my Life. He posted the excite lyrics of this song that I needed - the answer to the question I’m been having since getting to North Dakota. #Wow. I’ll take that piece of the puzzle and add it to the collection. #PreciateDatLerrick #YouDidntEvenKnowIt #HesLeaning #Wow #EverythingIsWorkingTogetherForMyGood #FBEpiphanies (at Tioga, North Dakota)
Permalink someone please find me some Taxi 12s. Size 14
Permalink "…who has a flow and live show better than mine?"
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Permalink I’m accepting gifts - in all forms 😝🎂
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Permalink This is a ratchet description since some of y’all can’t understand Webster.
Permalink …Now am I wrong, For trying to reach the things that I can’t see?